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your mind.

Specializing in Individual
Therapy for Women and Teens

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Do you feel something was missing in your childhood?

Are you struggling with feeling loved, valued or recognized?

What does your inner child need?


Does she need validation?
Does she need to hear the words “I am Proud of You"?

Does she need comfort?
Does she need to feel safe and loved?


Do you wish you could redo your childhood experiences and give yourself the parent you’ve always wanted?

Partnering with an expert will help you gain knowledge and tools needed to heal the wounded child inside. Learn how to connect with your inner-child and gain access to new information about unhealed wounds, and the needs that weren't met when you were a child. It’s time to give your inner child what she didn’t receive growing up. 


does your INNER-CHILD need?

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Are you struggling to maintain day to day?

Are you having a difficult time handling the challenges in your life?

Are you interested in therapy, but you don’t want to give up total control?

Are other areas in your life being negatively impacted by your anxious thoughts?

Are you hesitant because you’re not sure how therapy could fit into your life? 

Do you need somebody to listen to you and your feelings?


Learn the tools you need to decrease those negative thoughts,
replace those thoughts with facts, and increase your confidence in your ability to change.


Life will sometimes make you feel there is no real solution to stress. However focusing on the power you do have will help your reactions to life challenges.


the silenced woman


Were you that bold child growing up?

Did you have a leadership role in school?

Were you the only one in your family not afraid to speak up?

When using your voice, did somebody tell you to “ HUSH”?
 Were you told to stay in a child's place?


Did someone tell you you were too loud and unlady like? 

Did someone take your innocence?


After this, eventually you began to silence your voice. You began to be afraid of speaking up, because you didn’t want to feel judged or disappoint anyone.


The silent voice stops today!

It’s time to speak up!


Give your voice the power that was taken away. Take back the voice needed to advocate for yourself, family, career, and this world.


Laurie Ford, Author of  "You Are Enough: How to Heal from your Couch Therapy Workbook," "I Am Enough: Affirmation Journal," Letters to The Inner Me, and The Fatherless Heart: The Story of a Fatherless Child Interactive Workbook.

Laurie is an experienced Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor who works with women offering a virtual safe place for their healing. 

Laurie provides therapy for women and teens who are Ready to Transform, Flourish, and commit to making choices that align with their goals. 


Laurie's clients leave sessions feeling heard, empowered, and equipped with tools to regain their power, retrain their inner critic, build confidence, create affirmations, and incorporate self-care.


Laurie helps clients shift their mindsets and believe their process to transformation is closer than it seems. 

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