Hey Queens and Kings,

I am Laurie Ford, Dope Therapist Alumni Spring 2020 & Dope Therapist Academy Coach. This year many people reached out to me asking how was I am to flourish in my business during the Pandemic? 

 I use to ask those same questions to other business owner until I invested in a Business Coach . Before the Pandemic my goal was to move from working for an agency to Private Practice. I was stressed out, over worked, and unhappy and I knew this couldn't be my life forever.  I wanted something different, but I lacked the mindset, business knowledge, and resources to actually reach this goal. 

After following Doctor Tk on social media and prayer I decided to join Doctor TK's program. The Dope Therapist Academy changed my life forever. This was one of the best decision I've made for my business, family, and future generations.  I want to highlight some of my biggest wins in the program 

  • Resigned from my job and opened my private practice 3 months sooner than expected 

  • I moved from 0 to 54 Clients in less than one year during a PANDEMIC

  • Learned how to successfully implement a Client consultation call in less than 15 minutes 

  • Aligned my Private Practice with my core values 

  • Gained relationships and accountability with other therapist 

  • Published two book and learned launching strategies

  • Developed a 5year, 3 year, and 1 year Blueprint for my Practice 

  • Birthed the Creating a Workbook Masterclass 

  • Learned how to hire a team, importance of delegation, and automation

  • Niched down so I can only serve my ideal client 

  • Raised my Confidence and Prices 








Transparency Moment !!!!!

I understand that the unknown may seem scary

I understand sometimes investing in yourself may not be at the top of your to do list

I know other people may say you are out of your mind for taking a leap 

Trust, Me I was in your shoes one year ago and I decided to do it afraid knowing that I needed to invest in order to reach my "NEXT LEVEL SELF"

I Decided to Change my Narrative


What if this program does work 

What if this program is everything I need to reach the NEXT LEVEL YOU 

What if this program is the program that will help my family and generations after 

What if this program shift my mind and help me overcome my personal hesitations about private practice

I want to see you Flourish: 

  • Imagine having a profitable private practice you've visualized and only serve your ideal client 

  • Imagine being confident enough to charge your worth so you can spend more time with your family and work from anywhere

  • Imagine your narrative can all change in a little as 5 weeks 

Learn more about becoming a Dope Therapist Graduate and have a network of awesome clinicians to connect with. This link is your key to unlocking the "Next Level" You!