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Laurie Ford is the first woman to become a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in her family. She is also a Brainspotting Practioner. Laurie dedicated over 11 + years of experience helping individuals and families bridge the gap between healing and overcoming generational barriers. Laurie believes we all face challenges; we can either let them become roadblocks, or we can use them to fuel our purpose in life.

Laurie Ford is the CEO of
Laurie Ford Counseling and Consulting, PLLC Online Therapy Private Practice.  Laurie’s mission is to provide guidance to women and Teens who are “ ready” to acknowledge, nurture, and transform their lives. Laurie has assisted women and teens with owning their voice and experiencing the life they deserve. She is passionate about providing women and teens with tools centered around becoming their authentic selves in the comfort of their own homes.  Laurie combines different therapeutic approaches based on her client's presenting concerns, goals, symptoms, and motivation. 


Laurie's education and experience include:

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in Psychology from Shaw University, Raleigh NC 

  •  Master of Science Degree School Counseling from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Greensboro, NC 

  • State Board of Education Department of Public Instruction Certification (K-12 Grades) in School Counseling. 

  •  Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors in North Carolina ( 13886)


  •  BIPOC Brainspotting Practitioners


Counseling & Clinical Experience 

● School Counselor Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools 

● Center for Emotional Health, Outpatient Clinical Therapist

● Laurie Ford Counseling and Consulting, PLLC 

What sets Laurie apart from others is that she can relate to her clients on a personal level, and also provide them with a safe space for clients to transform on a professional level. Not only has she overcome her own personal obstacles, But she has beaten the odds of someone who was born into a family of addicts. If you are looking for a “ Non- Traditional” Therapist Laurie Ford is the therapist for you. 


As a clinician, Laurie has helped numerous clients take back their voices, normalize self-love, identify root causes of behavior, and accomplish goals.  Laurie's training and education along with her life experiences have provided her with deep insight and a special ability to connect with others. 

Laurie is ready to partner with you as you begin this journey while taking back your power.

Laurie's Promise To You:

Partnering with me means that you will walk away from this experience feeling limitless, equipped, awakened, and heard. You will have daily access to your therapy toolkit with the tools to knock down those distorted thoughts, cope with life transitions, create healthy habits, be balanced, and be able to be unapologetically you.



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