The "Creating & Publishing a Workbook or Journal" Masterclass is designed to help you use your creativity, spread your knowledge, and create generational wealth through your workbook or journal.
The class will be held from 11:00am-2:00pm Saturday May 15th 2021
During this Masterclass, you will: Explore the foundation of your book Learn how to get started Focus on your "why" Learn how to write to your target audience Visualize your final product Create an intentional time-management schedule Organize your thoughts. 
You will receive: Live Demo , Book Cover Design Resources,  Editor Resources Illustration Resourcesand more!
For this Masterclass, you will need: Access to the Zoom platform (download the  free zoom app if you do you not already have it) Pen/Notebook ,snacks, and water.

MASTERCLASS 05/15/2021: Creating & Publishing a Workbook or Journal

  • "Prior to taking Laurie's masterclass, I had NO CLUE how to create a book. During the masterclass, Laurie provided so much information and tips on where to start, resources to utilize, tips and formats to help make the process smoother.  She was professional and compassionate. When I began the masterclass, I didn't have a title of my book; however, I did have some content already.  One main takeaway from the class was to GO FOR IT! Laurie encouraged me to believe that creating the book was even possible for me. I would recommend this clsas to anyone seeking to write a book as well as others who have yet to see the potential of what they can be as authors. If for the knowledge alone, I would say take this class because yuo never know what will inspire you from here! Unlimited opportunities!"
    - Domonique Harwell


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