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This exclusive access to a healthy Sisterhood will teach you how to:

-support. empower. network-

your Thoughts

Understand the power of your thoughts


Build relationships and collabarote with other women

Be Organic

Increase AUTHENTIC Self-Worth

Have Confidence

Learn how to walk in confidence

Set Achievable Goals

Set SMART goals & stick to them

Embrace your Unique Beauty

Learn to embrace YOUR inner/outer beauty

Be Empowered

Increase daily self-empowerment

Walk in your Purpose

Learn how special you are to your Creator


Are you tired of not feeling the motivation to achieve your goals?

Do you want to be around like-minded women who will inspire you to reach your full potential? 

Do you lack support and accountability?

Are you searching for inspiration and empowerment to help assist you in reaching your goals?

Why not join a tribe of women who will help you look within, identify your goals, minimize your distractions, create healthy habits, and find your purpose? 

Invest in yourself and a join our exclusive 6-week virtual women's group today!



"Sometimes we have to come to terms that our current environment is no longer pushing us to new heights. We have to acknowledge that the network that we’ve built is not conducive for our current growth season and give ourselves permission to reach for more. Never did I imagine that I would find such solace amongst a group of women that I’ve never met. The openness, encouragement and the motivation has been a breath of fresh air. It has truly been rewarding to work with Laurie. I am building my extended network, and growing spiritually with amazing women. For that I am grateful."

- Elle B, Owner, GRIMM Consulting LLC

This group was formed at the best time in my life where I decided to focus more on me and build my self-esteem and confidence back up. When Laurie suggested that I attend this event, I knew then that GOD was using her to answer the prayers that I had been praying. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to meet with a group of women that are currently fighting the same or similar battles that I have fought or still fighting. With all that is going on in the world today this group has allowed me to open up more as well as be able to take the lessons and feedback that we are getting and applying it to my life. We have completed two weeks and I have already started to see a change in my mindset as well as my life. I thank GOD that Laurie was obedient to GOD’S word when she formed this group for women and because of this day by day I am feeling more of myself and that “I am worth it”. Thank you Laurie! May GOD continue to bless and keep you!

- Andrea T. Quarles


You deserve a life you've always dreamed of.

You deserve a safe space that allows you to turn your scars into beauty marks.

You deserve to feel valued and loved.

You deserve a chance to embrace healing.

You will succeed at whatever your hand touches.

You will transform during your therapy process.